Recommendation Letter by J Rakhmonov

27 February, 2019

Recommendation Letter by J Rakhmonov


I am writing this letter on behalf of Azimjon Pulatov who has chosen the American University in Bulgaria for his undergraduate studies.

I have been a senior software engineer at Super Dispatch for 3 years now and have been heavily involved in hiring talented people here apart from my main responsibilities. Although his resume was not an outstanding one, after only the first interview with him, I knew for a fact that we hit the jackpot with Azimjon. We hired him as an intern and have never stopped being amazed at his determination, initiative and fire in his eyes. 

Of course, Azimjon is not the only great hire of ours. However, he is the fastest Super Dispatch employee to go from an intern to a junior position to date. I vividly remember his complaints about the on-boarding period because he could not wait to get real tasks and to contribute to make the lives of tens of thousands of carriers and brokers easier. Even if it was forbidden, I gave him a couple of small tasks so that he can quench his thirst and calm down. After the on-boarding was over, we got to see his real determination to learn, to grow and most importantly to get things done. He finished the highest number of tasks during his first two weeks among all, including senior, members of the team. It was extremely impressive even if the tasks were comparatively small and easy. That’s how hungry he is.

Then, he got bored. He wanted more difficult tasks. He wanted to grow even more, even faster. He wanted to make an even bigger impact. I gave him a task usually reserved for at least a middle level engineer and gave him instructions on how to approach the problem. When he was done, the solution looked good enough to release to production. When we released his changes to our customers, something with database migrations went wrong and our system was down for about 15 minutes although all the changes he made were reviewed by others carefully. We fixed the problem and released a hotfix immediately. Yes, he broke the system that many people rely on. However, I am still amazed at his courage and the initiative he showed. He learnt a lot from that mistake and everybody in the team was better for it. That’s how foolish he is.

Seeing Azimjon and his progress, I can’t help but think that I should be as hungry and as foolish in my career as well. Although I am his mentor at Super Dispatch, I too learn a lot from him. 

Jakhongir Rakhmonov,

Feb 27, 2019