MusicSpider is a chrome extension for listening to music while browsing. Because the songs are constantly crawled by spiders, this name was given. Give it a try bit.ly/musicspider

Technologies used: Python, ElasticSearch, Chrome Extensions

G0 Event Bot

It’s a telegram bot for finding and registering for events. I developed it for GroundZero co-working in exchange of free co-working space for a year. Give it a try t.me/g0_eventbot

Technologies used: Python, Telegram Bot API


I built IELTSZone according to my sister's request to teach and learn with her peers. It has a forum, dictionary, and resources that make it a unique place for the learners. Give it a try ieltszone.org.

Technologies used: Django, Postgres, Material UI

42 Questions

42 challenges I have come up with while learning to code. It offers creative programming problems. It shows problems in Facebook-like posts and accepts answers in chat. Give it a try 42.uz

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, jQuery