Work Experience

  • Backend Engineer, Super Dispatch October 2018 - Present

      • Developed backend of the transportation management system for shipping cars that moves 200K orders annually. Primary technologies: Python, Django, and Golang.
      • Optimized memory usage by 2,000% by identifying memory leak in the document generator library and implementing a fix that reclaimed memory after generating 10 documents.
      • Increased service reliability up to 99.9% by implementing a database connection retry mechanism.
      • Decreased the response time of the main service from 500ms to 200ms by introducing an independent micro-service for handling file uploads to Google Cloud Storage.
      • Collaborated with backend, mobile, and frontend engineers to develop REST API contracts and documented them using Swagger.
  • Backend Engineer, WorklyJuly 2018 - October 2018

      • Developed a backend for automatic time & attendance tracking system.
      • Reduced usage cost of AWS by 40% by converting old services from Python to Golang, that allowed to use cloud resources more efficiently.
      • Integrated Anviz fingerprint controller to publish attendance data to the web application.
      • Authored company’s Golang code style guide that was used by 5 backend engineers.


  • JPRQ - Ngrok Alternative May 2020 – Present

      • JPRQ is a free and open-source Ngrok alternative to get localhost online with 130 stars on GitHub.
      • It allows developers to perform unlimited requests/minute to the local server compared to Ngrok's 40 requests/minute limit.
      • Can expose multiple ports at the same time compared to Ngrok with 1 port limit.
      • Used Python for the CLI and Golang for server-side.
  • MusicSpider - Chrome Extention for MusicNov 2018 – Jan 2019

      • Built spiders that crawled 200K songs in 3 days from 10 music websites.
      • Runner up among 34 projects presented on Garage48 hackathon.
      • Used Python for crawlers, ElasticSearch for search engine, TypeScript for the chrome extension.
  • Azimjon's BlogApr 2020 – Present

      Azimjon.com is my personal blog with 800 monthly readers where I write about non-technical things in the technical world. 8 articles written so far.


  • Polish-Japanese Academy of IT Bachelor’s in Computer Science, 2020 - 2024

    Inha University in Tashkent Bachelor’s in Computer Science, 2017 - 2018

Voluntary Activities

    • • Developed 2 courses to teach Python in Uzbek language at pdp.uz. 30 lessons created so far.
      • Gave a talk about Asynchronous Django at Nursultan Google DevFest 2019.
      • Mentored students on Docker & Kubernetes at Google Cloud Study Jam with 50 total attendees.
      • Mentored girls aged 14-18 on Python at DjangoGirls - programming bootcamp for girls, with 70 total attendees.